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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city of contrasts- glamorous yet down-to-earth, tailored yet laid-back. With an intriguing mix of contemporary and classic architecture, rich culture and history and of course the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is a must visit city.


Our Neighborhood – The SoHo of Tel Aviv

The trendiest of Tel Aviv’s neighborhoods is Neve Tzedek,  the heartbeat of this amazing city. Established in 1887, Neve Tzedek was the first Jewish neighborhood to be built outside the walls of the ancient Jaffa port. The area drew in some of Israel’s most renowned individuals and so it was easy to predict that Tel Aviv would grow into the inspiring city it is today.

In 1909, Tel Aviv was officially established by 66 founding families who set out to create Israel’s first modern city. Tel Aviv expanded and developed over the years and grew into a modern metropolis. The city’s center began to shift north, creating a sway of wealthy families to settle in the northern areas of the city. Neve Tzedek, in the south, was neglected, rundown and was eventually deemed an unlivable neighborhood that was to be demolished and rebuilt. Thankfully, the city’s plans changed and many buildings in Neve Tzedek were mark for restoration. This restoration process revived the old neighborhood transforming it into the vibrant and lively, SoHo-like district that has been re-crowned the cultural center of the city.


Neve Tzedek – An Oasis of Peace

Neve Tzedek, or “Oasis of Justice” was then, and is still today, a peaceful oasis within Tel Aviv’s vibrant personality. This enchanting neighborhood has village-like atmosphere; low buildings decorated in beautiful Art Nouveau and Bauhaus architectural elements, quaint and narrow streets lined with elegant cafes, galleries and designer boutiques. And is home to both original settling families and new inhabitants seeking to exist in the Tel Aviv’s cultural center. In the past, many influential artists and writers such as Noble Prize Winner Agnon and Israeli artist Nachum Gutman, made Neve Tzedek their home; a century later, this district is still home to many of Tel Aviv’s artistic beings and their galleries.

Hidden within the quiet neighborhood is the Susanne Dellal center, Israel’s premier presenter of Israeli and international contemporary dance companies. For a classic night out in Neve Tzedek, partner a moving dance show with dinner at “Suzanna”, the neighborhood’s landmark dining option, and a great spot for people watching.

In the decades since its founding, Tel Aviv has grown into a true global city. With importance and influence extending beyond its borders, it exceeds its founders’ dreams. It is Israel’s financial and cultural center, and also an international hub of art and creativity, commerce and trade, media and academia. Tel Aviv is a city of pluralism and tolerance, warmly embracing the many communities that compose its unique human mosaic.


InterContinental David Tel Aviv

At InterContinental David Tel Aviv we believe that true luxury lies in immersion, not in escape. We believe in the experiences that transcend the touristy and go beyond the obvious.  Our hotel is located on the edge of Neve Tzedek, towering high overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The InterContinental David Tel Aviv is a fusion of timeless elegance and modern luxury in the ‘SoHo’ of Tel Aviv. Inspired by our location, we offers sophisticated, contemporary interiors and serve as a refreshing sanctuary from the bustling streets below.

We are proud to call this true Tel Avivian neighborhood our home. Whether you’re looking for a remarkable culinary experience, love unique culture and history, exciting shopping sprees or a business traveller with time to spare; the Intercontinental David Tel Aviv in-the-know concierge team is ready to unlock the secrets of our city for our guests.