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From elegant round, heart or scallop tiered structures, to stylish toppers and a chocolate-influenced 3-tier wedding cake, we are ready to turn your vision into a picture-perfect reality.

Rich in both flavor and design, Cakes by RFM will entice you and your guests for one (or two) more slices. Led by Executive Pastry Chef Roni Fredi Mordechai (RFM), our talented pastry team creates an array of irresistible cakes, fit for anyone and every occasion. The beautifully crafted custom cakes combine the finest quality ingredients for the sweetest finish to your special day.

Cakes by RFM allows you to explore the bounds of creativity and design a one-of-a-kind cake based on the theme and inspiration of your big day. The team’s masterful skillsets span intricate paint work, delicate artistic piping and shimmering finishes for the crème de la crème of wedding cakes. Let us indulge you in creating the most imaginative cake your heart desires!

Please email Adi.Politzer@ihg.com to order your cake or to arrange a consultation.


Cake Brochure (English)

Cake Brochure (Hebrew)