Experience the night
Jimmy Who $$

With live entertainment featuring local cover bands, Sunday night is the night to go.

24 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv
82.4°F / 28°C

We realize that as a large-scale business, we are in the position to make a real impact in the lives of our neighbors and have a great responsibility to those around us. Through our partnership with a nearby school for young adults with special needs, we invite several students into our kitchen each year for eight months of professional culinary training under our chefs’ tutelage. The most outstanding student each year is awarded a position in our hotel kitchen. Additionally, the hotel works closely with Shanti House, an acclaimed organization which acts as a loving refuge for at-risk teens, orphans, and young victims of abuse and offers a wide range of therapy and prevention programs. Through the hotel’s IHG Academy, youth at the Shanti House have had the opportunity to work together with the hotel as part of their rehabilitation process.