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Dining Recommendations


Life in Tel Aviv is eclectic and dynamic, and the local cuisine expertly captures the city’s essence in its restaurants’ variety of dishes and flavors.
Taste the city and awaken your senses with our exclusive collection of insider culinary secrets.

Our in-the-know Concierge Team is ready to provide you with a glamorous and memorable stay and will be happy to take care of your dining reservation while in Tel Aviv. Contact us at +972-3-795-1242 or at telavivconcierge@ihg.com.

Please note that Tel Aviv weekends are bust and exciting, and restaurants may be fully booked. Please contact us at least 4 days in advance to guarantee availability at the Tel Aviv’s most sought after dining venues.


Dining Recommendations in Tel Aviv


nomi embraces Israel’s diverse cultures, with an approach highlighting precision and a philosophy that is rooted in Chef Yoram Nitzan’s passion for creating dishes that are delicious, colorful, and inventive. Inspired by the rhythm of the seasons, Yoram conjures an aromatic journey of the senses, glorifying Israel’s unique flavors. Each and every dish has been carefully designed to ensure a memorable evening of culinary excellence.

Find nomi on the third floor of the David InterContinental Tel Aviv and experience culinary excellence.



Dallal Restaurant is located next to the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance in the SoHo neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, the heartbeat of Tel Aviv.
Chef Golan Gurfinkel offers a selection of rich culinary options such as Greek puree with spicy carrot butter and black linguine in a rich tomato stock and cream of crab. Gurfinkel’s main sources of inspiration are drawn from his Salonican roots and nostalgic flavors from his youth. His menu reflects the neighborhood’s integration of local culture, combined with his own experiences.


Located on Hertzl Street, Pronto serves authentic Italian cuisine, and in recent years has become the hot spot for young artists and Tel Avivian foodies. Chef David Frenkel, known for his successes in the famous Nova restaurant, offers a variety of flavors, classic and seasonal, that enable diners to experience Italy through his eyes.

In 2011, Pronto, and Chef Frenkel, were chosen as the restaurant and Chef of the year.



Popina, cuisine in Latin, was established by Chef Orel Kimchi and restaurateur Amir Turgeman with a desire to create an original culinary experience for diners.

The open kitchen at the heart of the restaurant creates an open dialogue with the kitchen staff and provides a unique dining experience. The modern venue is located in an ancient building, and has become an integral part of the picturesque neighborhood of Neve Tzedek.



Located on the outskirts of the Carmel Market, Hakovshim offers an Israeli, homemade, menu with a unique twist. The dishes are rich in greenery and fruit and are based on fresh daily produce from the adjacent market. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of vegan dishes. The open kitchen overlooks the sitting area and creates a warm, cozy atmosphere that will make you want to stay for hours.



Just a few minutes’ walk from the crowded part of Rotschild Boulevard, you can find a true Italian gem. Rustico brings the joy and the hospitality of the Italian cuisine to the heart of Tel Aviv. With an open kitchen concept, diners can experience the smells and flavors first hand, and enjoy not only authentic dishes, but a true Italian show.



Suzanna, Neve Tzedek’s most famous café, offers a Mediterranean style menu with a variety of appetizers, breakfasts, homemade casseroles, grilled dishes and more, all based on fresh and local ingredients. With a magical terrace, the sea breeze and the Tel Avivian sunshine, this café offers a unique atmosphere for both locals and tourists.


Manta Ray

Located alongside the golden sands of the Mediterranean, just a few steps away from the InterContinental David Tel Aviv, Manta Ray is a local favorite. The menu naturally offers a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood prepared by the acclaimed Chef Ronen Skinezis. Diners will enjoy the imaginative appetizers which vary from day to day, refreshing drinks and the unique Mediterranean breeze at the open-air veranda.



Located Tel Aviv’s business district, Rothschild Boulevard, Yakimono will make you feel like you are sitting in the heart of Japan.

This unique Japanese experience includes fresh and local fish and seafood that can be chosen from the built-in aquarium, and a breath-taking 2-floor design that provides the diners with an amazing atmosphere.



TYO is a Japanese bar-restaurant led by Yama- Sam, an authentic Japanese Chef and the only Sushi Master in Israel. The restaurant is located inside a historical conservation building, which gives the restaurant its special atmosphere. TYO’s unique concept began with the desire to create an elegant and authentic Japanese haven at the heart of Tel Aviv, and to provide diners with traditional flavors with a contemporary twist.



Hatraklin started as a shared dream of its two founders- Chef Moshe Yochanan and Sommelier Yossi Ben-Udis. It is an intimate and warm space, located in one of Tel Aviv’s restored buildings. The restaurant offers a specialized menu in high quality meat dishes, alongside a wide variety of carefully selected Israeli boutique wines.

Hatraklin means “The Lounge”, and expresses the laidback dining experience the two founders were aiming to achieve.


North Abraxas

North Abraxas, owned by Chef Eyal Shani and Shahar Segal, charms its diners with brilliant and unconventional dishes. The menu offers fish, seafood and meat dishes, and promises to create an unforgettable culinary memory. Don’t let the simple dish names confuse you, and make sure you try their signature Pita Shawarma and bread with tomato and sour cream.



Messa offers its diner’s haute cuisine by Chef Aviv Moshe in a gorgeously designed setting that redefines Tel-Aviv’s dining experience. The menu was inspired by the Provence area and uses many techniques familiar with its cuisine. Together with its creative menu, Messa offers a wide range of carefully selected wines and alcoholic beverages to complete the ultimate urban culinary scene.


Kitchen Market

A contemporary gourmet restaurant, located at the top level of the Tel Aviv Port Market, Kitchen Market in one of the most beautiful corners in the city. With the Mediterranean on one side, and the colorful bustling market on the other, diners will enjoy a refreshing and unique dining experience. The menu is based on the daily local and fresh produce from the Carmel Market, and offers fine Mediterranean cuisine.


Brasserie M&R

Located near Rabin Square in the center of Tel Aviv, this popular French restaurant makes diners feel as if they were whisked away to Paris. From its meticulously detailed Art Deco interior to its nicotine stained ceiling and hardwood floors, the Brasserie is a paean to the traditional Parisian Grand Brasserie. Open 24 hours a day, Brasserie is one of the only places in Tel Aviv that is hopping both day and night, and where both celebrities and local neighbors can feel right at home.


Social Club

Social Club is located in a central yet intimate piazza on Rothschild Boulevard, and is known as the hot spot of true Tel Avivians. The bistro menu offers a colorful collection of classic dishes with a modern twist, alongside signature cocktails and a fine selection of wines from both Israeli boutique and international vineyards.



Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar, the oldest most popular Italian-American bistro in the city, has been serving its loyal guests for the past 17 years. The bistro, which stretches over 4 rooms, a bar and an outdoors porch, is designed in all black and white décor, along with very large flower vases that became its trademark. Diners can enjoy a wide variety of fusion dishes in an intimate and cozy setting.



Taizu encompasses the culinary journey of Chef Yuval Ben Neriah through the local street foods of India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Chef Ben Neriah embarked on a 3-month culinary journey in order to study and explore the different textures, colors, spices and flavors of the South-Asian only to come back and create a unique and authentic culinary experience.



Onza is the place where a young, vibrant Tel Aviv atmosphere combines with the magic and mystery of the Jaffa flea market to make a delicious restaurant “cocktail”. Here, a sophisticated and innovative bar is blended with a meticulous menu created by chefs Arik Darhani and Muli Magriso that gives Ottoman and Turkish cuisine a contemporary twist, using the finest ingredients and advanced cooking techniques.



Overseen by the Chef Ram Shmueli, Claro is located in the renewed Sarona Market. Claro’s Med. Kitchen (as in Mediterranean), travels through the Mediterranean countries: Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and Israel, and is presented in the Shmueli relaxed cooking philosophy. The menu, taking the “Farm to Table” approach, is rich in fruits and vegetables, featuring seasonal products from the best local produce. All other



At Mashya, the emphasis is on freshness, and on combining the highest quality ingredients with the most advanced, sophisticated cooking techniques. With soft lighting, specially designed ceramic and metal tableware, and lush vines that drape the restaurant’s walls, you are in the perfect environment for experiencing the gastronomical adventures that the Mashya has in store.


Yaffo Tel Aviv

Haim Cohen was one of the pioneers in the gourmet restaurant scene in Tel-Aviv years ago. Now, his new restaurant “Yaffo TLV” connects the roots of Israeli cooking with the cooking of his Ashkenazi grandmother. A restaurant born from culinary conflict between eastern and western flavors, Yaffo is a culinary love letter to the distinct flavors of the Jewish experience. The menu changes each day to reflect the fresh ingredients the restaurant sources.



Aria is a contemporary Chef Bistro offering a fresh and innovative menu created by Chef Guy Gamzu, one of the promising young chefs of Tel Aviv. Chef Gamzu created a diverse seasonal menu, meticulously conjured from prime raw materials.



One of Tel Aviv’s most innovative chef restaurants, Oasis delivers an international and flavorsome experience that is sure to dazzle even the most jaded of diners, with a menu that changes according to the availability of rare international ingredients, diners are in for a first-class culinary experience. The quality of the food is matched only by the restaurant’s dynamic atmosphere, infused with the energy of its charismatic Chef, Rima Olvera.